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James and Ivy Newton are a husband and wife team dedicated to providing Visa Services For The U.S.A. clients with not only great knowledge and experience but also a level of personal attention and service that other websites simply cannot match.

James is the CEO of Visa Services For The U.S.A.  He honed his skills through years of studying the fiancé(e) and spousal/family visa petitioning process as well as the B2 Tourist Visa.

Ivy is the Vice President of the company and specializes in providing Filipino language translations and believe it or not, there's no additional cost to the client for translations. Being a dual citizen, Ivy is able to personally relate to and assist Legal Permanent Residents who are applying for U.S. Naturalization/Citizenship.

Visa Services For The U.S.A. offers services that not only takes your loved one through the petitioning process but also has trained staff, in Manila, to assist with getting your loved one to and preparing for the St. Luke's Medical Center Extension Clinic physical examination, not mention the U.S. Embassy interview in Manila.

Please click on the "Our Staff" link at the left side of this screen to read the profiles of our wonderful and helpful staff members.

Be advised that visaservicesfortheusa.com owners and employees are not attorneys and we do not provide legal services.  We are not licensed to engage in the practice of law within any United States jurisdiction.  If you need legal advice please call an Immigration Attorney.

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