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Miscellaneous Services
Miscellaneous services offered are: NAIA or Domestic Airport Meet and Greet, Background Check, Personal Investigation, NBI Report, NSO Document or CFO assistance.  If a service you require is not listed, please contact us to see if we provide it since it is impossible to list all services that we provide.  We will gladly provide you with a free quote for a miscellaneous service.  Simply pay for you service by selecting the dollar denominations listed under the PayPal "Miscellaneous Services" drop down box that equal the price you were quoted.  So if a price of $70 USD was quoted, select item #3 and #4 from the "Miscellaneous Services" PayPal drop down box to equal $70 USD.

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Visa Services For The U.S.A.

Be advised that owners and employees are not attorneys and we do not provide legal services.  We are not licensed to engage in the practice of law within any United States jurisdiction.  If you need legal advice please call an Immigration Attorney.

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