Visa Services For The USA advertises a "hold your hands" service for the process of visa petitioning and they are true to their word!  We received the personal touch from James, Ivy and his staff member in Manila, Theresa.

Shirley, my fiancée, received her passport with visa inside on August 15, 2015.  James, aka "Dew", started the fiancé(e) visa petition in February of 2015.

We were quite satisfied with the service we received and strongly recommend this company to anyone who wants to petition a fiancé(e), spouse or other family member."

Shirley and Gary

August 18, 2015

  We started our spousal visa petition (I-130) in February of 2014 and my wife Manelyn had her US Embassy interview on December 2, 2014.  Our visa petition was approved!

Manelyn and I have “Dew” and his staff member in Manila, Theresa, to thank for a relatively smooth petitioning process.  Dew made sure all of the various forms were filled out correctly and most importantly corrected erroneous information.  He also made sure that we had the proper documentation for submittal with the petition form.

Theresa accompanied Manelyn to her St. Luke’s medical examination and to her interview at the U.S. Embassy. Theresa was there to answer questions that Manelyn had and gave her reassurance that everything would be fine.

We even had group video chat sessions throughout the entire process with Dew and Theresa.  We are very satisfied with the excellent service provided by Visa Services For The USA and would recommend them to handle your petition.


Manelyn and William Shoemaker
Quezon City, Luzon, Philippines
Seattle, Washington, USA

  April 2012.  I would like to take this opportunity given to me to inform all those looking for superior service with assistance and guidance in highly specialized area of spousal and fiancé(e) visa petitions that James Newton, who I have known as Dew for the past year, assisted me from the beginning to the end of the I-130 spousal visa process. I can only say that the entire process went without a single flaw or problem. Without Dew's expert advice and help, I am certain the process would have taken us much longer to complete with much more frustration. There are many hurdles and minefields to walk through in this very complex process.

I am a retired Federal bureaucrat with 25 years of experience. I thought I would have no problem understanding the government bureaucratic process, but I was wrong.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Dew for the many hours of service and help. He was a life saver. I would highly recommend Dew to anyone about to embark on the road to fiancé(e) or spousal visas.

Thanks again Dew for all your help!

Mary Ann and Dick Bedwell
Cagayan de Or City, Philippines
Crestwood, Kentucky, USA

  In November of 2009 I met James aka “Dew” and we began working on my I-129F petition to bring my fiancée Janice to the United States. With Dew’s excellent assistance I filed all of the required paperwork and my petition as well as my fiancée’s visa was approved. Dew knows his stuff and was there with me every step of the way. Janice and I were married on September 14, 2010.

Thanks Dew!

Cordially, Janice S. and Jeramie S.

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